Installing WP-CLI on Windows 10

UPDATE 2/11/2017:  I forgot to show you how to add a path for mysql. If that’s the problem you’re facing or if you’re getting the error mysqldump can’t recognize command, please watch this video.

This video shows you how to install WordPress Command Line Interface or WP-CLI on your Windows 10 PC. You will need Ampps installed for this. If you do not have Ampps installed, you should watch our videos on installing Ampps.

Are you wondering what WP-CLI is? The command line interface really makes things easier. With the command line interface you do basic functions without having to go through the user interface. You can add plugins or even users just by typing in the command and it takes less than a second to get it done.

For more information on WP-CLI visit their website, you will also find the phar file there.

This video covers:

  • How to place the WP-CLI Phar file on your PC
  • Adding the Path for PHP
  • Adding the Path for WP-CLI
  • Creating the wp.bat file
  • Running the WP command line interface for the first time


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