5 Best WordPress SEO plugins You Should Use To Rank Higher

If you want to maximise the impact of your blog postings then you’re going to want to rank highly in the search engines. The process of tailoring your website in order to make the most of the search engine results requires good SEO (as well as good content of course!) If you use WordPress then there are a vast amount of plugins available for the system that can take the leg work out of the arduous process and help you get the highest rankings possible. Below I’m going to go through five of the top WordPress SEO plugins available.

The features of these plugins are vastly different and it may well pay to try more than one WordPress SEO plugin. The best plugin will give you the right range of features for your blog and can have a dramatic effect on the SEO ranking of it.

The following five are arguably the five best available WordPress SEO plugins currently available.

1. WordPress SEO By Yoast

Yoast is one of WordPress’s most popular plugins and with great reason. It is the most comprehensive WordPress SEO plugin and has a free version to boot. It’s so feature packed that it knocks the competition out of the park. It is the undisputed king of SEO plugins for WordPress because the plugin is also pretty easy to use.

Features include a great snippet editor, this allows you to customize the way that your site is presented within Google. In a way and in my case, it also gets me pondering on what precisely my article is about and allows me to stay my course.

This can really put your blog ahead of the pack, as most people will choose a site to visit based on this snippet. They also have a focus keyword, which for a free plugin is great and can really help you focus your blog. It also has advanced social media integration, which these days is a valuable commodity, as Google rates content provided by social media very well.

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2. All in one SEO pack

All in one SEO pack is exactly as described! The best features of the pack are XML sitemap support in order to submit your sitemap to improve ranking. Inbuilt support for Google analytics, which is an incredibly useful feature within itself as analytics provides powerful statistics for your blog. They also provide incredibly useful features such as being the only free plugin to offer SEO integration for Ecommerce sites.

All in one SEO has been downloaded over 30 million times and is one of WordPress’s most successful downloads, undoubtedly helped by the fact that it is free! The feature list is excellent, and I would suggest that it is more than worth a look at. There’s something here to help everyone’s blog.

The plugin allows for incredible levels of fine tuning that can help the most technically minded get the results that they are looking for. At the other end, it automates process such as page titles and automatically updating the search engines in order to help rank your blog as high as possible with the most recent version. It is as easy or technical as you wish it to be. Which for beginners especially is a blessing, as they want to produce optimized sites while learning the more technical aspects of managing the blog.

Keep one thing in mind, Yoast and All in one SEO Pack are not compatible with each other and they both have different user interfaces.

Which one do you prefer?


3. SEOpressor

For some, there is no competition to Yoast, but for others there is SEOpressor. The highly regarded WordPress SEO plugin is something of a strong contender to the crown, and its usefulness combined with its power make it a very worthy contender.

With features such as on page analysis, over optimisation tool, (which most pros will tell you is vital, Google punishes sites that are too dense in keywords, and this tool will help you to avoid that problem.) and multiple keyword analysis (as opposed to Yoast’s single).

The product is polished and feature packed, but as Yoast has a free version it will undoubtedly pick up significantly more downloads, and this probably costs SEOpresser dearly. Although many will assess that it is worth taking the plunge and trying the plugin out to see how it fits. It will almost certainly deliver some improvement to your SEO and could be a worthwhile investment in your blog.

seo pressor
wordpress seo plugins

4. SEO Smart Links

Is aimed at the more amateur user, and automates a lot of the processes involved in producing great SEO. Definitely not as in depth as the others on show here, but well worth considering for the amateur user. But with high power options such as automatic post interlinking and categorisation, it really is quite feature packed and worth a try. It is almost certainly worthy of being on this list and has a significant number of active installs which back it up as a good plugin.

Seo smart links

5. Google Analytics

Talking About SEO and no mention of Google? Not fair! Actually this Plugin does help with SEO. It shows you how your content is performing, or if it’s not performing at all. Once you figure out what’s going on, you can go around tweaking things around to see what works.

With Google Analytics you can get insights on your site traffic and use this data to take steps further to increase the traffic on your site or guide your viewers through your website better. In an online business, keeping track of your visitors and their post-engagement is very crucial in making strategies for future business possibilities.

In addition to analytics reports, Google Analytics also provide you with in-depth page reports allowing further segmentation plus the possibilities of filters and other amazing options for your analytics data which can help you in determining which post or page needs more work. With so many features and functions listed above its still a free plugin! Thank you Google.

google analytics plugin


Apart from these, there are many WordPress SEO plugins and tools out there which can help you to boost your site’s ranking and we will certainly discuss them in our next article, but those mentioned above would make a great choice for any user who is thinking of setting up a new blog or thinking of optimising the existing one, but in the end, all comes down to user’s ease of use and want. These SEO plugins are quite easy to setup and yet important in optimising your site’s visibility in search engines.

Which other WordPress SEO plugins work best for you? Let us know in the comments sections.

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