Why WordPress Is the Best Content Management System for Blog Writing

If you’re in the market to create a website, or just to publish content i.e. blog writing then your first port of call is likely to be one of several user-friendly content management systems. With the explosion of online content creators, several content management systems have come out to quench the demand. While most lines end with “just choose WordPress” there are other options and I’ll investigate them below.

Content management systems allow you to create a stunning environment to display your works with minimal programming expertise. They also take a lot of the hassle out of search engine optimization by having templates that are friendly to the major search engines. Most also have plugins that can add functionality and customization so you can build what you desire.

So who are the main contenders?


According to their website, WordPress powers 26% of the whole internet and I can assure you that number will keep growing. Why? There’s a simple reason for this, its an open source free solution with endless possibliities. So they’re far and away number one. So why choose WordPress? Well for starters, the community behind it keeps developing for it.

They also have a dizzying array of premade website themes that are well designed and run very smoothly along with endless possibilities with the number of plugins you can find to add almost any feature you can think of, into your website. They have a brilliant mobile app which is far and away the best way to blog on the move. You can even manage your site from the app, which gives functionality way beyond the competition.


Starting life around the same time as WordPress, Squarespace has struggled to keep pace with the market leader. It is certainly more in depth as far as design is concerned. If WordPress is focused on content, then Squarespace’s skill is definitely design. However, with all the themes becoming available for WordPress and new modifications that may not be for too long.

Whilst those more concerned with the business of blog writing will likely choose WordPress due to its capability, most other types of small businesses who just want a business card online, could happily create a home at Squarespace.

weebly logoWeebly

Weebly seems to try and occupy the middle ground between WordPress and Squarespace. They have great design with good speed, their uniqueness is in the ease at which you can create a stunning website with using drag an drop methods which is great if you don’t know anything about coding. Their prices are also not that high and there is a free version which doesn’t really do much but could get you started. I have never heard of any Weebly websites perform when it comes to Search Engine Optimization so beware.


Wix is something of an outlier, very easy to design and build with a lot of options, they also offer a significant range of plug-ins that can really create a powerful website however, as you keep adding features to your website it starts costing you accordingly as well. The designing part is pretty easy for non-coders as they can just easily drag and drop whatever they need and setup their website in a couple of hours.

One thing Wix does do is protect your content, it encodes all the images and the website itself so no one can steal your images, videos or source code. This however makes the website a little slower.

Which one is the best?

In summary I believe that it’s best to choose WordPress for blog writing, fast loading websites and the sheer choice of designs available. The best part is you can customize WordPress to your needs, which you can’t with most other services. The SEO is great and if you use some of the best WordPress plugins you can really harness some useful features into your site. 

The fact is, WordPress is easy to manage and secure. There are a lot of developers that use it and create new unique features for it that you may not find at any other service. Yes, as your website grows you may need to hire someone to manage it for you but that is going to be the case with any business as it grows.

After going through all the different website building platforms out there, any of these could be the right one for you. Your needs may not require you to go with something as big as WordPress, you may just want a small website you can manage on your own for which any of the above options are great. It’s up to you to choose which one works for you.



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