Promoting Your Business or Website with Facebook Fan Pages

One of the best things that Facebook came up with was Facebook pages. These pages made it possible for local businesses as well as websites to have a small forum to share updates, stay in touch and create awareness for themselves. Creating a Facebook fan page is pretty simple, all you have to do is go to this page : Create a Facebook fan page.

When you go over to this page you see the different kinds of pages you can create. These include pages for Local businesses or places (landmarks), Companies, Organisations or Institutions, Brands and Products, Artists Bands and Public Figures, Entertainment and finally Causes or Communities. Choose your category based on what kind of fan page you would like to create and then follow the steps on till you create your Facebook page.


Congratulations, you have created your facebook fan page!

Getting started with your facebook fan page

Once your facebook fan page has been created, here are a few things you should do

First, shorten your URL by reserving a username for your facebook fan page, so no one else can take it if they haven’t already that is! To do this, you need to go to your page, then click the Edit page -> update info :

edit page

When you do this you will see a new page where you can update information about your page. You will also see the option to select a username for your fan page in the ‘Basic Information’ section. This is where you choose your username, and choose it carefully! It should be short, easy to remember and represent you, your business, your website or whatever the page is about.

basic info

Just like that you go ahead and update your information, which includes, your address, a little descriptive information about your page and what it’s about, update your profile pic, it could be your logo, a picture of your product or a picture of what the page represents, same goes for the cover page except you have a wider area so it could be a great place to show your creativity. Also if you are like me, one of the purposes of the facebook fan page is to get traffic on your website, so, add in your website address, so there’s a way leading to your website, always create ways leading back to your website to gain traffic from your facebook fan page, another thing I will discuss in a post I will create about promoting your fan page on facebook soon.

Interacting with your Facebook Audience

After all the initial steps are completed, you need to make sure there is something on the page that will attract anyone to like your page, or even stick around on it. You’ll need content obviously! Content well I can give examples of, for a real estate site, there should be listings there, some good pictures of beautiful locations, from what I have noticed so far, images that are attractive usually attract likes too, likes grow your contents viral strength, which means more people see it and you get a wider audience, which at the end of the day is the goal.

Anyway, back to topic, so content as always will be the glue holding your audience to your page throughout, so if you have something interesting that users like, believe me, users will keep coming as word spreads. You can also talk about heritage locations, vacation spots and local restaurants that are places you’d recommend people to stop by, tell people about them, something they would find interesting, something they’d care to share. The more they like, the more they share, the more their friends and people connected to them see your page.

Setting and Achieving your Goals

Take everything slow, don’t be in a hurry to see a huge spurt of growth in no time, it could take a while, that is, unless you go ahead and advertise your page, that’s a shortcut but you could end up not getting the result you were hoping for even with the numbers there, there’s a lot involved in advertising on facebook that I will discuss in my later posts, for now keeping it simple, to grow your page without advertising you will have to be patient. Start small, invite friends, and ask them to suggest the page to other friends, join groups that are related and ask people to join there, if you have a website, add your facebook like box there so users can find your facebook fan page easily, here’s a quick link : create your facebook like box.

Your main goals should be, generating fresh content every now and then so your audience is not bored, to keep your page spam free as much as possible, earn a reputation with your audience and it never hurts to interact with your audience, a few ‘Have a great day!’ or ‘Have a great weekend’ posts will always welcome warm responses, topics that are fun to interact with and easy to reply to usually have responses.

Hope you found this information useful and it helps you Promoting your business or website with Facebook Fan Pages. If you’d like to add something or have any questions let us know!

More in my next post, do like our fan page on facebook to stay up to date for new posts and other interesting things on this website:


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