Drawing a Price Tag in Photoshop

Drawing a Price Tag in Photoshop

This the final result:

Step 1:

Open a new document, the size of the document and other information can be found in the image below

Step 2:

Before you start, press Ctrl+R to activate the ruler, we will be using it throughout the drawing process to make sure that all sides of the price tag are equal to get the perfect look.

In the image below I have drawn a single line, from point 0 to 2, so I know exactly how big this line is and where its center is.

Step 3:

To make the whole thing simple, we are going to define Ruler guides by dragging rulers from the top and side rulers. This way we can avoid mistakes and make sure that all sides are going to be equal, define the ruler guides like shown in the image below:

1: This is 3/4th of the whole shape we are going to be drawing.
2: This is the remaining 1/4th of the whole shape.
3: This is the middle height, make sure its equally distant from top and bottom.
4: This is the whole area of the image we will be drawing.

Step 4:

Now to begin drawing, follow the following steps and draw the shape of the price tag:

The curve begins after covering 3/4th of the shape, as defined by the ruler guides.

This area is supposed to be equal on both sides as well, as defined by the ruler guides.

The shape is complete.

Step 5:

To convert this shape into a selection, right click anywhere on the shape while using the Pen tool. You will get a small menu, select ‘Make Selection’.

This is what you need to do:

Step 6:

Now that we have a shape, we can subtract a small circle from it using the ‘Elliptical marquee tool’, this is the selection:

Make two more ruler guides, equally distant from each other just as you did before:

Then while using the ‘Elliptical Marquee Tool’, keep the select button pressed on your keyboard so that the circle is equal on all sides and remove a small circle between the newly defined ruler guides as shown in the image below:

Step 7:

Create a separate layer for the Price Tag’s shape. Using the Paint bucket tool, spread the color #E3BF81 onto the shape and deselect it (ctrl+D):

Step 8:

Now add the following Layer Styles to the layer the price tag shape is on to give it a drop shadow and add Inner glow to create those gradient colors that make it shine in the middle and give it a little texture:

Color: Black [#000000]

Color: Dark Brown [#AD8D68]

You will get :

Step 9:

You can add a price onto the price tag, I am going to add text for this tutorial, you can choose to add a stroke, or not, here is the layer style used to put the stroke on the text:

Color used is: #F9ECDF
Font used: Flower Ornaments

The final image:

I really had fun writing this tutorial, I hope it was easy to understand, and you find it easy to make a price tag in Photoshop now, if there’s still a problem you’re facing, feel free to leave any questions or comments.

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