How to Draw a Rss to Email Icon In Photoshop

How to Draw a Rss to Email Icon In Photoshop

Today we will draw a Rss to email icon. You can use a small version of it on your own website to attract users to subscribe to your Rss and receive updates from your website directly in their inbox.

This is the final result:

First off, open a new document, mine was 800x800 pixels. Leave the background layer alone, create a new layer and start by drawing this shape:

Once done, either make it a selection, or just fill it with white color. You can access both these options by right clicking on the shape while the pen tool is activated.

Now apply these to layer effects:

You should see a stroke and a soft emboss effect:

Create a new layer and create this shape:

Do the same as with the last shape, convert to shape or fill with white color and apply the same layer effects:

Create a new layer and with the rounded rectangle tool create a new layer

Apply the following layer effects to this shape:

Once done, you should see this effect:

Create a new layer. With the rounded marquee tool selected, make a small circle inside the rounded square:

Fill this selection with white color and align it as shown below:

To make it easier, you can make guides as close to the circle, like I did. It will make the ray’s easier to make and well aligned as well:

Draw this shape using the pen tool:

Make it a selection then fill it with white color using the paint bucket tool, do not deselect the selection:

Create a new layer and fill the selection again with white color using the bucket tool. Now you have two copies, one on top of another. Press ctrl+t to open the transformation menu and increase the width and height from 100% to 150%:

Align it properly:

You can remove the guides now. Select all the layer with the rss button and its contents and merge them all together. Do not merge the envelope layers in as well. Once done, press ctrl+t and rotate the rss button as shown below:

Align it a bit so the envelope is properly viewable:

Create a new layer, below all the layers and above the background layer, create a new layer. On this layer make this shape using the pen tool:

Right click and make selection with 5px feather and fill it with the color #cccccc, you should see a little grey shadow:

Go to the merged rss button layer and add this inner glow layer effect to give the rss button an extra shine:
You should get the final effect:

I hope this tutorial on how to draw a rss to email icon in photoshop was interesting and easy to understand. If there are any questions let me know through comments.

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