Drawing a Speaker In Photoshop

This should be a good tutorial to brush up on your drawing skills in photoshop. Drawing a speaker is relatively quite easy as I’ll show you in this tutorial.

This is the final image:

Lets begin:

Open a new document, 800x900 pixels and draw the shape in the image above, using the ’rounded rectangle tool’. The color code I used is #102b35.

Apply the following layer styles to this layer:

Make this shape using the ’rounded rectangle tool’. The color code is #7a7a7a.

Layer styles for this shape:

Layer styles for this shape:

Now create a small oval selection as shown in the image below, using the rounded marquee tool:

Use the dodge tool, with the range set to midtones and exposure at 50% and a 65px soft brush, make this small highlight on the shape inside the selection:

Continue on and make another highlight:

Deselect, highlights should look something like the one in the image below.

On the same layer, make a new small circular selection:

Right click on the selection and select stroke:

The color code is #747474.

Once you have made the stroke, do NOT deselect. Go to the ‘select -> modify -> contract’ and contract your selection by 2px:

Create a new layer, now fill the selection with the color code #393939 and deselect.

Apply the following layer styles to this layer:

The image should look like this after applying these effects:

Press ctrl+t to open the transform menu and shrink this thing to 90% width and height and adjust by nudging it into the center of the circle stroke we added a while ago:

The top part of the speaker is almost done and should look like this:

Create a new layer, and make a new selection using the circular marquee tool:

Stroke the layer with the color code #747474.

This should be the final effect for the top of the speaker:

Now to create the rest of the speaker, first create a large circular selection as shown in the image below:

bring the selection to the center and fill it with the color code #7a7a7a.

apply the following layer styles to this shape:

This is what you’ll get:

Duplicate this layer and change the color to black(#000000):

Transform(ctrl+t) this duplicate black circle to 80% of its original size.

Make a duplicate of the black circle, transform this one to 95% of its size.

We will change the color of this shape by applying color overlay:

Duplicate this layer too, you have to transform(ctrl+t) this shape to 90% of its size but remove the color overlay filter and apply the following layer filters to it instead:

The pattern I used comes with photoshop, I’ve written down the name so you can find it easily.

Once done, you’ll should see the speaker coming into form

Remember that small speaker type thing(I don’t know what it’s called) we made, just duplicate that layer and bring it in center of the larger speaker, you will have to bring it on top of all other layers first or it won’t be visible:

You will need to remove the inner glow filter from its layers settings. Then transform it to 150% of its size:

Apply the following changes to the layer settings to get the final result:

The final result:

I hope this tutorial on drawing a speaker in Photoshop was interesting and easy to follow. If there are any questions at all regarding this tutorial please feel free to let me know through comments.


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