Thought I would make a few more drawing tutorials. Since I think they are so cute, here is one where you can find out how to go about drawing a dolphin. You can use this as an idea to draw your own character or as an icon or any other uses you can think up.

The final result:


Drawing the basic shape

To begin open a new document. I used a 500x500px document with white background. Start by creating a new layer and drawing this shape:

step 1

Fill the shape with the color : #2f4157 and rename this layer the upper layer.

step 2

Create a new layer, name this the lower layer. Create a new shape:

Fill this shape with this color: #e5e5e5

step 4

Place the layer below the upper layer:

step 5

Create a new layer. Draw this shape, this is the side fin, so name the layer side fin.


fill this shape with the color code: #374d68


Create a new layer, call it the upper fin and make the shape in the image below:


fill this shape with the color code: #374d68

Now we’ll draw the tail fin. Make a new layer, name it tail fin, bring this layer just above the background layer so its below all other layers. Draw the shape of the tail fin as shown:

step 10

fill this shape with the color code: #374d68

step 11

Another new layer, name it beak, draw the shape as shown:

step 12

Fill it with the color code: #374d68

Create a new layer, name it eye. Set your foreground color to white(#ffffff) and using the Ellipse tool draw a small white circle as shown:

step 14

Create another small circle inside to make the eye lens with the color black(#000000), or just duplicate and transform the eye to 50% and set the color overlay to black in the layer styles. Drawing using the ellipse tool should create its own layer. Name this the lens layer:

Draw the blow hole using the ellipse tool:

step 16

Adding the layer styles

Lets start with the tail fin. Add the following layer styles to the tail fin layer:

step 17
step 18
step 19

You should see this result:

step 20

Go to the lower layer, add these layer styles:

step 21
step 22

You should see this result:

step 23

Go to the upper layer, add these layer styles:

step 24
step 25

You should see this result:

step 26

Go to the side fin layer, add these layer styles:

step 27
step 28
step 29

You should see this result:

step 30

Duplicate this layer, remove the layer styles temporarily, nudge it to the right just a couple of times:

step 31

In the layer styles, except for the stroke, activate the other two layer styles, you should see this change:

step 32

Go to the upper fin layer and add these styles:

step 33
step 34
step 35

The change:

step 36

Go to the beak layer, add these layer styles:

step 37
step 38

You should achieve this result:

step 39

Go to the blow hole layer, and add these layer styles:

step 41
step 42
step 43

The change:

step 44

The eye layer is next, add these layer styles:

step 45

The change:

step 46

The eye lens layer will require these layer styles:

step 47
step 48
step 49

The change:

step 50

With your pen tool, zoom in and create a small line, with the foreground color code(#7c7c7c) draw a small 1px stroke by right clicking on the line:

step 41

It should look like this:

step 42

The Final Result

Zoom out and you’ve got the final result:

final step

I hope this tutorial was interesting and easy to follow. If there are any questions at all let me know through comments or use the Forum.


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