Creating a Text Effect Using Water with Photoshop

Creating a Text Effect Using Water with Photoshop

In this tutorial I will show you how to easily make a text effect using water in photoshop. This text effect if used with big font will look like water, otherwise, it looks more like the sky. You will require basic knowledge of photoshop and be used to its functions.

There are two final images, I think it can be used as both:

There is an image used to make the text, you can get the full image here, I have resized the one in step 1 to fit the site.

Open the image:

Type your text, I have typed ‘Water Text Effect’ using the Poplar Std Font, I am using 135px, the color is simple white [color code: #ffffff] and the layer setting is set to ‘Soft Light’ to capture the water in the background properly so it looks like water.

Open the layer style settings for the text layer. Adjust the settings as shown in the image:

Colors: Grey [#656565] White [#ffffff]

There should be a slight change in the text, it should look like this:

Step 4:

Now to extract the text from the water, in an easy way without consuming too much time.

Go to the file menu and select Save as:

Save your image as a jpeg, we will use it in the next few steps:

Once this image has been saved, open it, keep the original one, we are working on open as well. Go back to the original image.

Step 5:

Keep the ctrl button on your keyboard pressed and click on the layer the text is on in the layer box:

Your Text will get selected automatically:

Step 6:

Once the layer is selected, click on the select menu, and click on save selection:

When you click on save selection you get a small menu. You can choose if you want to save the selection into this image or any other images you have open. Choose to save this selection in the Jpeg we just created and opened:

Step 7: Switch over to the Jpeg, now go back to the Select menu and choose Load selection, you will see the selection you just saved:

Step 8:

Since you already have the text selected now, just copy or cut the text from there, and make a new document. Since there is data in your clipboard photoshop will already have settingsaccordingly, click ok and paste the text onto this new file. You have isolated the text from the water, this is the first final image:

Step 9:

Making the second final image.

First of all you copy the layer the text is on. Now you have two layers, one on on top, one on bottom.

On the bottom text layer, apply the following settings:

Colors: black [#000000] and white [#ffffff]

Color: black [#000000]

Color: white [#ffffff]

Step 10:

Use a soft brush like in the settings below, and slowly erase the text off the top layer as you like. I could have done a better job though I think it looks okay. My brush settings were:

Final Image:

I hope this tutorial on creating a text effect using water with Photoshop was easy to understand. Let me know if there are any questions.

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