Creating a Golf Ball and Using the Speaker Effect

This is a simple way of creating a speaker effect to create a golf ball, this effect is very useful and can be used to create Mic’s or speakers, though the experimenting I leave up to you.

This is the image that you will be able to create after going through this tutorial:

The first step is to click the “File menu” and click on “New..” then put in these settings:

Now, colour layer 1 green, and then create a new layer:

On this layer, take the Elliptical Marquee tool and draw a big round circle like so:

Now activate the Gradient tool by clicking it and apply the following Gradient on your circle:

Now your Circle should be looking something like this, you can choose for it to be a bit darker if you dont want it to be too shiny and you can experiment with different gradient colours, in case in the end you see the perfect golf ball, but its too dark, just try using the Dither tool on it with the highlighting setting on, you will be able to achieve a brighter look. However, lets move on.. Now its time to give the ball the texture it requires to look like a golf ball, so you go to the Filters menu and select Distort > Glass, and apply the following settings:

Here is what it should look like:

Remember, do not deselect the selected circle around the ball and again go to the Filters menu and apply Distort > Spherize with the following settings :

After this effect is applied your golf ball should be in a lot better shape and be something looking like this:

Now to get rid of those disturbing black distortions on your ball just go to the Select menu and go to Modify > Contract.. and enter 20 px, your selection should get smaller around the circle:

Now simply press Ctrl + shift + I, this will inverse the selection. Now press delete and all the unusable outside area of the ball has now disappeared leaving you with a very good looking ball

Now just one little step to sharpen up the image a bit, just press Ctrl + Shift + I again to inverse the selection again to work on the inner part of the circle. Now go to the Filters menu and apply Sharpen > Sharpen.. and then press Ctrl F to apply it once more. Now you can deselect the circle by pressing Ctrl+D and admire what you’ve created. I hope this was interesting and fun!
To download the PSD file, click here.
If there are any questions or comments please post them here.


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