Creating a Blazing Hot Text Effect

Creating a Blazing Hot Text Effect

This tutorial will teach you how to make a fire blazing text effect, it is really easy to create awesome text effects with photoshop and the possibilities are endless!

This is a picture showing what you will be able to do with text after you go through this tutorial, its very easy and you’ll be done really quick, just imagine you can use the same effects on objects and stuff:

To start making this awesome effect first go to the File menu and click New..

First color the background layer black using the paint bucket tool. After this press CTRL+SHIFT+N to make a new layer and type in ‘BLAZING HOT’ in white colour. I used the Carribean font, which I found on a site somewhere, you can download it here if you want to use it, or you can use any other font you like.

Once this is done, just go to the Image menu > Rotate Canvas > Rotate 90 C

This will rotate your canvas, this will help us with the next step.

As soon as you get this done, just go to the Filters menu, and apply Wind from the Stylize menu.

Filters > Stylize > Wind

When you do this photoshop might tell you that the type layer needs to be rasterized before proceeding, and that it will no longer be editable. Click OK.

Remember to make sure you activate the “From the left” button in the menu:

As soon as you’re done press CTRL+F two times to repeat the filter and you will get something like this:

Now to get the image back into position just go to Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CCW :

Now to make the blazing fire effect just go to Filters > Distort > Ripple

Make sure you apply the same settings:

This will give you these results:

Now to add the color and give it that magic, just follow these steps carefully:

1. Go to Image > Mode > click Grayscale

When you do this, this message will pop up :

Changing modes will affect layer compositioning. Flatten image before mode change?

Click on Flatten. Although, when you add this effect to a larger picture or anything else you have created make sure you have no further editing to do, because when you flatten an image you are merging all the layers together, rendering all those layers uneditable individually.

2. Go to Image > Mode > click Indexed color

3. Go to Image > Mode > click Color Table

Then set the table to ‘Black body’:

This is the end result:


Please leave me any comments or questions and have a great day!

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