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Ninja Saga Tips and Cheats

Please Note: Do NOT copy our entire tutorials, we work hard to make these. You are not allowed to translate our tutorials and add them to your site without our permission.

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Earn Gain Gold Coins Without Cheat Engine:

Ninja Saga - Money Cheat

Tools you need :
1) Cheat Engine 5.5 (download 1 - download 2)
2) Firefox

1) Go into Ninja Saga.
2) Go to Shop.
3) Select the item to sell. (do NOT sell it yet)
4) Select browser as ce5.5 process and enable speedhack.
5) Select '0' as speedhack value.
6) Now in Ninja Saga, spam clicks on "Sell" as many times as you want.
7) Change the value in ce5.5 back to '1'
8) Now watch as you gain all the coins. This CAN BE SAVED! Just make sure to purchase some items to auto save the game.

Cheat for under Level 21

Ok, this cheat below is for Ninja Saga players who are below level 21.

If this works for you, you have to leave a comment saying thanks :) or you can this page with your friends.

Here’s an active cheat for Ninja Saga:

Ninja Saga Cheat – Learn Level 21 skills when you are only level 1.

charles3.4.1 (download)


1. Firstly, make sure charles is recording your traffic/url from firefox. Every thing you do on the browser will reflect on charles. Charles plugin for firefox may be needed if you don’t see anything on charles.

2. Open Charles 3.4.1 (not sure if it works on latest version, i just like using backward versions xd)

3. Go into Ninja Saga on Facebook (play the game)

4. Complete a mission so that the game saves for you (you will see it saving in the top right corner)

5. Now in Charles, search for the line “”

6. Expand it, and expand “amf/” to find the line “(CharacterDAO.saveCharacter)

7. Right click the line “CharacterDAO.saveCharacter” and select edit

8. On the lower right side of the window, you will see a few tabs. Click on “AMF”

9. Find for “character_skills” and expand it

10. You will see a String with a value “skill1

11. Change the number to any of the following number according to your element.
lvl20 skills = skill85 for water, for fire skill86, skill87 for light, skill88 for earth and water for skill89
lvl21 skills == skill92 for water, for fire skill93, skill94 for light, skill95 for earth and water for skill96

12. Click EXECUTE when you have changed your skill number.

13. Refresh Ninja Saga and you will see your new skill. Lvl 21 skill when you are only level 1 ! Have fun.

Warning Note: Ninja Saga is strict and will ban cheaters so cheat with care. I am not sure if you will get caught. Cheat with caution :)

So having played Ninja Saga for a while, I thought I'd share with you some pointers when playing the game.

Level up, accept small missions first - You can always repeat previous missions and that should help you level up. It would take a while but could lessen the frustration.

Recruit Friends on Hard or Long Missions - Recruit friends as early as you can, they will help you win battles. Friends don't cost Saga tokens while recruiting NPC's cost you 20 Saga tokens but you can recruit stronger allies (like 4 times more powerful than you are). If you're recruiting allies, you really have to recruit 2 who are in lower or same level as you are. But if you're recruiting an NPC, one NPC would be sufficient if you're a beginner because they are super strong already and have advanced jutsus. However, I only recommend recruiting NPC's if it's really critical that you do so because you can only use them in one mission and it's bye bye to your 20 Saga tokens. On the other hand, when you recruit friends and you make them join you in battle, they need to take a rest and you have to recruit new friends.

Use Taijutsu when you still have plenty of HP - Taijutsu usually deals strong damage (atleast for me). This can be used to your advantage when you still have plenty of HP and you can conserve your chakra for healing purposes.

Attack weaker enemy first - Sometimes you will be able to choose which enemy to attack. Attack the weaker once first so you could lessen the number of attacks you receive.

Always Learn New Jutsu - There are several ways to learn a new jutsu... Learn from friend, learn from academy. Having more jutsu always gives you more options to finish a mission.

Learn Jutsu in an Instant First- When you're trying to learn a skill from the academy, check the jutsu's learning time. You should learn the ones that says "instant" first because if you choose the ones that requires a few hours to learn then you wouldn't be able to select another until that jutsu is learned.

Learn Healing Jutsu - Learn a healing jutsu and don't forget to equip it for battle, it will come in handy.

Buy Healing Scroll - I cannot stress enough the importance of having a healing scroll with you all the time!

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