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Drawing Nibbler from Futurama in photoshop

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This should be a fun drawing tutorial where you can find out how to go about drawing Nibbler, Leela's cute pet in the cartoon Futurama.

Final Result

To begin, open a new document, size 800x800px, white background. Start by drawing this shape, on a new layer, name it main:

Here are a few shapes to assist you with this tutorial if you need them, it is always recommended to draw though:

Fill the shape with the color black(#000000):

Start drawing the mouth and nose area, on a new layer, name it mouth:

Fill the shape with the color code: #e6d190, add a 2px stroke, black color.

Draw the shape of the nose on a new layer, name it nose:

Fill it with black color:

We're going to add a few strokes to better define the nose area.

Create a new layer, call it nose strokes. Draw the path using the pen tool as shown:

Add a stroke, 2px, black.

Create another path using the pen tool:

Add a stroke, 2px, black, using the brush.

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Top Comments
Post by Saskia on October 9th, 2009
This is soooo very cute.. Thank you..

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