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Color Replacement Tutorial For Photoshop - From Autumn to Summer

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In this tutorial, I will show you how we can use the color replacement tool in Photoshop to retouch our images.

Color replacement tutorial for Photoshop - from Autumn to Summer

In this tutorial we will transform this image:


Step 1:

Firstly, open the image. you can use the image provided above, I used the same image. Its always advisable to copy the original image and put it on another layer on top, so you can easily delete it without destroying the original image in case of a mistake.

Locate the Color replace tool. You can find it in the Image Menu under Adjustments, select Replace color...

I will be showing you exactly where to click so you get the same effect I did, click the area shown with a red dot in the image below, while the color replace tool is open:

Once you have selected that area, you will see the area with the same color brighten up on the color replace tool, this area represents the color in the image you have selected, wherever it is in the image and is the area you will be affecting if you change something:

You will have to choose the color you want to replace the original color to, you can do that by clicking on the colored area below 'Result'. Replace the color with the color code provided in the image above.

You will get the following result:

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